Tuesday, July 17

back in town

I`m back from another wedding, this time in Oulu, over 600 km to the north. After working for eight days straight and sitting in the train for twelve and half hours in the past two days (plus the fact that my train left at 6:06 a.m.) , I`m pretty much pooped.

Despite the sleep deprivation (of course I had to continue partying `til the wee hours instead of getting to the hotel early - though I still was the first to leave) it was nice to see some some people I haven`t seen for a year, or years, plus meet new friends of my friends. Although, as in the previous wedding, I got this strange 'Wow! I`m at a wedding where most guests are my age - I really must be an adult!' -feeling. But then, after a couple of weeks I will be closer to turning 30 than being 20. And that`s scary!

Summer nights in as far north as Oulu are much more lighter than in Helsinki (one of the few things I miss from living in my old home town Joensuu though it`s not that north). I took this photo while waiting for a cab, at 2:25 a.m. or something like that. (Notice how well the buildings in the pic go together... Argh. Though there is a street between them.)

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Maarit said...

Minulla oli tähän astisen elämäni pahin ikäkriisi silloin, kun täytin 25. Joku vielä kiusoitteli, että "onnea, nyt ikäsi voidaan pyöristää kolmeenkymppiin!" Kamalaa. Nyt, kun viime tammikuussa oikeasti täytin 30, se ei ollutkaan enää kamalaa. Tunnen itseni ihan tämän ikäiseksi (tai oikeammin alan tajuta, ettei ikä loppujen lopuksi olekaan niin kovin tärkeä määrittelevä tekijä).