Tuesday, February 19

things that make me happy

Hello there! I've been busy busy busy and will be even more busy this week. I've had little time for blogging (or even reading blogs), though there are quite a lot of things I've been meaning to write about... To make it easier, here's a little list:

things that have made me happy recently

-Seeing Saatana saapuu Moskovaan (based on the novel The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov) in theater on Friday night - it was great! And I also got to wear a vintage dress I bought back in January for the first time; it was nice to dress up for a change (not that you have to dress up for theater - but I like to).

-This little guy, who had his birthday on Saturday. Now he's 2, has started to talk in Helsinki dialect (which sounds so funny - neither of his parents do), loves cars and has very strong opinions about things. I asked him who lives in the trailer in the photo, and he said 'Auntie. Auntie is there. Auntie is quite small.' (suomeksi olen tätikummi). Way to melt his auntie's heart, again.

-And the immaculate way he puts his cars in whatever order he has in his head

-My Christmas cactus in full bloom

-Air's Playground Love on the radio today; it always reminds me of the atmosphere in Sofia Coppola's film Virgin Suicides (which made a huge impression on me when I first saw it years ago).

-My new security blanket - the hoodie I'm wearing in the top photo. I bought it a few weeks back and have been wearing it almost constantly. It's got swallows printed all over it, so it goes with my favourite pendant, and birds on garments is always a good thing. And it's really comfy! At home I wear it with the hood on, it's a bit chilly at my place right now. I think the insanely busy days are a lot more manageable when you're wearing something comfortable (also, I can't be bothered to think of my outfits that much if I'm busy/tired). The funny thing is the colour - I'm not a big fan of blue, and was going to buy a brown one, but somehow this came home with me...

-Last but definitely not least, the sun! All this busyness is much easier to handle when the sun is shining. Even if you don't have time to enjoy it outdoors. After five sunny days I feel ...rejuvenated is the right word, I guess.

Have a good week. I think I'm having one.


Becky, yep said...

You are so optimistic! I love reading about your busy, happy life! Gorgeous cactus too!
hope you have a good week as well!

mansuetude said...

wow. your son, happy birthday to both of you!! he is so beautiful, you should take photos of his face. I have tried to read the book of that movie you saw, it sits there, and calls me, and not yet!

My cactus was made to look at yours, to see if it might remember how to bloom! -_+++ a great post!
I;ll let you know if it flowers.

Happy two year old play. Sun, yes! The miracle worker.

Anonymous said...

ahaha the cars in front of the door are fantastic! Ohh, I'd like to put them in front of my boss door... ;)


Becky, I don't know if I should tell this, but really I'm not that optimistic - I guess I'm just trying to cheat myself to stay optimistic when blogging something nice. :) And I really hate it when I whine here, so I try to find something nice instead to blog about.

MAnsuetude, he's my nephew, but yep, his birthday is important for me too. I'd like to take more photos of him if only he stayed still more often...
I'm somewhat amazed my cactus blooms every year - I neglect my plants far too often. But I hope seeing the photo gives your cactus some ideas. :)

Anonymous, I wish I had cars in front of my door too! Instead of mail I haven't had time to read, ahem...

Mielitty said...

Arvosana E niin kuin excellent odottaa sinua blogissani!

mansuetude said...

alright, my cactus says its me neglecting her...

what do you do? sing to it? lots of water, little? light? does your nephew tickle it or something? help.