Monday, February 11

photos from a busy weekend

I worked in Helsinki all Friday and Saturday, so the weekend went by in a blur. Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze in seeing - finally! - Control with miss H on Saturday night (the movie was great, and visually very beautiful; I think it shows that Anton Corbijn, the director, is a photographer as well), check out some thrift shops with J on Sunday and have blinis (or blintzes?) for dinner at sister's, and to top that I met sweet P for tea and coffee at my old university today before taking a train back to Tampere (oh, and I squeezed in a taxi ride to the 24-hour pharmacy in the middle of the night as well - I should always keep painkillers with me, even though I very rarely need them).

My sister makes delicious blinis! Sister's Irish friend (and nephew's godmother) M is visiting, so they wanted the dinner to be something Finnish. Blinis of course are more Russian, but we're from Eastern Finland, so... And considering potatoes are so big a part of traditional Finnish cuisine, it's hard to think what to make for someone who doesn't like potatoes (I find it funny that someone from Ireland doesn't want to eat potatoes, though!). M was very brave and tried everything, even gherkins with honey.

listening to Pet Shop Boys at J's (someone's in love with a Dutch man)

after the movie a couple of drinks in a nearby bar - great wallpaper!

Sunday dinner


mansuetude said...

another delicios post. what else is your countries food? A traditional meal?

Maija said...

Oooh those blinis! Got to get some roe with sourcream and onions. Mmmm!

Matroskin said...

That picture of the bar with the heads is great! Wonderful atmosphere. I love blinis. I always put beer into the dough, makes them sort of frothy.


Mansuetude, I guess the most traditional dish in Eastern Finland would be a kind of meat stew with potatoes. The most boring dish ever, if you ask me!

Maija, it really was yummy!

Matroskin, my sister adds some vodka into the dough. Her blinis are pretty frothy too, just the way we like it (though maybe the vodka isn't the reason for that...).

mansuetude said...

i actually love a beef potato stew... the basic stuff is often the best! didn't see that wallpaper (wouldn't open) last time--its amazing.

do you have the sun today?


I like basic stuff too - but that stew I mentioned is just boring, it's seasoned with just black pepper & salt, so not really tasty, and not necessarily made of good quality parts of beef & pork (it has both). And with it nothing but boiled potatoes. Maybe I had it too many times as a kid. :)

Yep, it's sunny and windy today, a lovely day although the wind is pretty chilly. Feels like spring to me.

michelle said...

Wow, you had a nice dinner there! I love that wallpaper! Nice tulips too, some of my fave flowers.