Tuesday, February 26

quick hi & apples

So last week I was busy and energetic; this week I'm nowhere as busy but feeling like crap. Or, more like I'm too tired to lift my feet. Blah. This might have something to do with all this three days here, three days there -thing I've got going for the past weeks, and hormones as well - either way, on Monday I was wishing it was weekend already (only I'll be working, so I didn't really wish that). I'm lucky we don't have any assignments due this week, or I had hard time finishing them! (There goes the optimism... As I mentioned in last Tuesday's comments, I'm no optimist, and sometimes can't even fake it. :))

Some Estonian dark chocolate with dried cherry pieces (by Kalev), not too sweet but just right, and slouching under the duvet reading makes it a bit better, though. (I've finished Sense and Sensibility, finally, and moved on to Wuthering Heights.)
And dreaming of this tunic, by Mika Piirainen for Marimekko (the bag is there just to show the print, as I couldn't find a bigger photo of the tunic - but I saw it in a magazine, and it looked really nice with jeans). The price of it doesn't go with my student budget though, so I may have to content myself with an umbrella with the same print.

For some reason I also like these two dresses below (by Mika Piirainen; pattern by Maija Isola), although they do scream Marimekko so loudly I might not wear them after all.

all photos: marimekko.com


mansuetude said...

reading Wuthering Heights, i am both jealous, and hope you have sunlight to read that dark craigy book in--one of my favorites.

fake optimism, it will return. :) i hope.

Maija said...

Try and scrap up some cash, that tunic is an investment!

violet said...

Mun mielestä tuo suora mustavalkoinen huutaa "olen Marimekko" mutta tuo missä on vyötärökin sen sijaan ei...