Wednesday, January 30

let's all meet up in a year 2020

When you can't sleep, you can amuse yourself by taking photos of yourself. I think I look much better through a stained mirror!

Poor Dad turned 65 on Monday, and only got a card from me - and the card was late.
Lately I've felt like I constantly forget about 30% of the things I should do; either that, or I just seem to be too slow. Do you ever feel like that?

I'm supposed to hand in an autobiography tomorrow, for my Basic Academic Writing class. I found the assignment really hard (and to top it all, we have to pretend it's 2020 - that makes me 38 years old), and it's a loooong time since I had to write something not based on scientific facts. But I'm doing surprisingly fine - so better get back to it! (Though really, I'd rather be in Helsinki where Roisin Murphy has a gig right now. Sigh.)

By the way, one thing I really like about writing in English is being able to use semicolon; in Finnish it's rarely used, and my Finnish teacher in school forbid it entirely. But I like semicolon, so I'm going to use it as much as I can! :)


mansuetude said...

do you know why the semicolon is not allowed or used much ? I find this very interesting!

How is The Atonement, I meant to read it, and yes, do you read it in English?

I do feel i don't get done most of the stuff I might, or should, I think it is normal part of creative life. .


In Finnish all the punctuation marks are used somewhat differently than in English: they are not used as often. The sentences are also generally shorter in proper written Finnish than in proper English - maybe we are just more simple people. :)

I haven't actually finished reading The Atonement yet (I'm cheating in my blog...), but I really like McEwan's style, and so far it seems to be a great book. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I don't know what's going to happen. And yes, I'm reading it in English, I try to always read the original if I'm reading a book written in English. The only thing I don't like about the book is the fact that it's an ugly paperback version with a photo from the movie on the cover, but that's what I get for being cheap.:)

michelle said...

Dude, I forget all the time! I think you should take omega-3 fish oil suplements and get extra sleep and drink lots of water with mineral salts in it! That is what I have done, and that, along with google calender has helped me a lot!

I also cut my hair a few months ago, it was almost as long as the girl's in the photo, I totally wish I had not done that !