Thursday, January 10

first post of 2008

I didn't really mean to take a blog break, but first I had some internet issues and then I guess I haven't had much to say. I thought the holidays would be all about photographing and reading for me (for some years, I had this 'read a classic on holidays' tradition, and I was going to start it anew and read a Finnish classic I've been meaning to read for ages), but it turned out to be about knitting in front of the telly. Not bad at all. I even finished socks which were almost finished for about four months - they're are a birthday present for a friend who had her birthday in September. Oops. I also noticed that I don't really need a tv; as fun as it is to half-watch something while knitting, there isn't that much I really need to see. I wish I could learn to read while knitting...

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging was the endless rain we had in Eastern Finland, where I spent the week after Christmas. My camera just doesn't co-operate indoors, and I was too busy knitting to go out.

Still haven't taken much photos, so these are from my (Helsinki)neighbourhood bar's restroom; the floor and the ceiling. :)

...and since I was complaining about rainy days & bad photos, here's a reminder ( for me that the sun doesn't have to shine for me to get good photos...

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Becky, yep said...

wow, that rainy photo is AMAZING! I'd love to see a picture of your camera.
Here's to '08 being GREAT!
I hope you have a happy one!