Friday, January 11

christmas presents

I know I'm real late blogging about Christmas presents, but I have to show you Smudge. He comes all the way from Australia, and is sweet miss A's present for me. Smudge is incredibly well made by Bellgirl and really adorable (clicking the links you'll get to her Etsy shop).

As I said before I didn't give any handmade gifts this year (except a pair of fingerless mittens I agreed to knit for J a little before Christmas) but I too purchased some gifts from Etsy. For my nephew I ordered a lovely seal screen print from Wonting's shop. It looks even better in real life, I'd love to get one of Wonting's prints for myself too!
For A I ordered these funky earrings from Little llama shop. I just love them, and hope A does too.

Etsy is a really great place to find presents if you want to find something different (well, nothing new there for most of you I think), without leaving the home even, and at the same time you get to support artists/crafters. Another great alternative is to go and visit all those fairs before Christmas, but sadly I fell sick the weekend I was going to visit three fairs this year... In 2006 I really liked the one organized by the students of The University of Art and Design in Helsinki - just a hint for December 2008. :)

And then my gift for myself (bought just few days ago): Skullcandy Ti headphones. In August I got a new cell phone which doubles as an MP3 player, and I've been putting off getting decent headphones, but I decided to get some as I'm really tired of being forced to listen to other people's phone calls in the train. I was going to get pink ones, but I these were a last pair in the shop, and getting 20 euros off the price was too good an offer to refuse. These headphones with their skulls and studs have way more street cred than I do, and I'll probably look funny walking around in heels and a dress and these in my head... Roisin Murphy blasting from my headphones. Mmm.

...and I really need a haircut.

(See H, two posts in two days - are you satisfied? ;))


Becky, yep said...

Hi there, glad to hear from you! Like the headphones, LOVE the earings! Glad your holiday was good, despite the getting sick stuff!

Anonymous said...

I DO love the earrings, I think they are very beautiful and original. Smudge seems happy under your Christmas tree, too. See you tomorrow!

Matroskin said...

Those headphones look professional! Ant the puppy is supercute. Lucky you!

Helena said...

Yey! H is indeed satisfied :)


Thanks for all the comments!
Matroskin, the headphones might be too professional for me... :)

Becky, I'm glad to be blogging again. I really missed this, and it's always nice to read your comments!

asphaltandair said...

I love, love, love Roisin Murphy!
Have you ever seen her in concert? She is more than amazing! I saw her in Zurich two years ago and I still smile just thinking of the concert!


I haven't seen her. She'll have a concert in Helsinki in a couple of weeks - I'd already decided I won't go, due to financial reasons, but now you've made me reconsider. :)