Tuesday, September 11

happy day

Things that made me happy today:

-a good night`s sleep
-sunny weather
-surprisingly good Indian-esque veggie dish at the university café
-my cousin promising to loan her bike to me (and it`s light blue! cute)
-getting some practical things done, like buying and hanging a pendant light - it certainly does a difference
-the scent of apples in the air when I came back to my apartment in the evening
-my new favourite spoon by Hackman; I happened to see it while looking for something else, and had to get a frog-spoon for me and a fox for a certain someone... (couldn`t find the information on their English site)

you can see me in the pic too! that wasn`t intentional...

I love that big cup. I use it for coffee on special days, especially those days I have time to make café au lait and read magazines in the morning, maybe even eat a croissant if I feel like pretending I`m in Paris or something - though Finnish croissants are nothing like the ones in France. Or I eat yoghurt or even cereal from it. Can`t remember who`s the designer of the cup though... I bought it from Design torget in Stockholm a couple of years ago, and still regret I didn`t buy a sky-blue one too. (Okay, I did have extremely little money at the time. But still.) It`s surpringly thin and light for being such a large cup, and I`m always worried it`l break - that`s why it`s only for special days. Or days you need to make special with choosing a special cup. :)


//fine little day// said...

Love the frog spoon! And hello to you in the spoonmirror :)

ingridviola said...

makeeta ett� jouduit niinku vahingossa mukaan!


fine little day - Oh, you noticed me even before I`d added the caption! :)

ingridviola - Joo, en tosiaan tullut ajatelleeksi, että teräslusikka heijastaa. :)