Wednesday, September 5

feet week wednesday

Red shoes (these were a late sale find) make the world feel a bit better place when you`ve slept too little. Also, a beautiful day today: in the morning it was cold and misty, and in the afternoon I sat in the sun between lectures, reading a novel. The air was so fresh and everything seemed shiny. Also I managed to bump into the only person I know from the entire university, a friend of a friend, she`s a very nice girl. (Also it`s kind of funny that one of the 21 people who began to study English translation with me knows my friends K & J from another town - well, it`s a small world, and Finland of course is even smaller.)

I think I may have found my early autumn enthusiasm, at least I`m getting there.


Maria-Jag blommar said...

Nice picture with your red shoes, nail and the book. Is this a special foot-week or something...? (I saw another blogger who also show her feets)
Maybe I do that some other time!

ingridviola said...

Cool pic! I like the red color :)