Wednesday, April 21

last weekend in helsinki

I walked a lot. Both when it was sunny and when it was raining. The old familiar routes I've walked thousands and thousands of times. And new paths I haven't walked before. I took a walk almost every day. I love walking in Helsinki; traipsing the city streets, looking at all the nice buildings and the ugly buildings too. And shop windows - it's always nice to see a funny or pretty or clever window display. (Though these photos are very atypical Helsinki walk photos...)

Near the railway someone had created bunny art out of the fence & black plastic sacks. Maybe it's a political statement.

There was a good reason to buy two muffins instead of one. Buying two muffins feels special.

When sun was shining even the Boy's small, dark and dreary apartment felt roomier. In the window across the yard a white cat waved us hello.

All in all, a very good weekend.


Kissaemo said...

Nice bunnies and what a lovely cat! :-)

Ilona said...

Voi valkeaa kissaa! Suloistakin suloisempi.