Tuesday, April 14


Actually I meant to post on Friday, but somehow there was so much to do I never published that post I had already started writing.

The weekend was a long one and included many many hours spent in trains, some of which were spent with my nephew; I first traveled to Helsinki and then from there to Eastern Finland with nephew A, to spend Easter with my parents, A and the Boy (who arrived later).

The weather was mostly grey, and Easter was mostly spent indoors, building houses with Legos and playing a game called Fortuna.

Came back to Tampere and lectures today, and I'm tired and feel somehow disconnected from the everyday life, like I often do after spending a few days somewhere else. But today I was really glad it's spring - so much more spring than in my old hometown, where there's still lots and lots of snow. Here in Tampere the snow's mostly gone, the streets have been cleaned from all the sand, and the evening was wonderfully light and there was a promise of warmer days and green in the air. And I have a piece of my mother's apricot tart waiting for me when I get home.

Let's play five senses Easter, shall we?

smelling - daffodils in a vase

seeing - a pair of witches Mum made probably before I was born; they have always been a part of our Easter decorations

touching - Legos; Easter grass; A's soft hair

hearing - all the amazing tales nephew A spontaneously spins for us on a daily basis now*

tasting - Mum's quark pie, which she makes every Easter

*"Once I was in a car crash. I collided with a really big truck. The truck was badly damaged. I was riding my tricycle, but luckily I was wearing a seat belt, so I didn't hurt myself. Also I had tied all my eggs (??) really tight with a rope, so they didn't break."


17 neliötä said...

Minäkin tiedän sen tunteen, kun on ollut poíssa muutaman päivän...esimerkiksi töissä en melkein osannut käyttää lounaan leimauskonetta, mukamas olin unohtanut parissa päivässä, vaikka ties miten monta leimausta olin ennen lomaa tehnyt...

tuikkis said...

Meinasin toivottaa sinut tervetulleeksi takaisin, mutta enhän minä Tampereella asu, mutta tervetuloa takaisin ainakin tänne blogiin!

heidi said...

Vallaton tarina! Suomeksi munien sidonta saakin vähän erilaisen luonteen... :)

scaredy-cat said...

17 neliötä, juu, olen ollut ihan toistaitoinen itsekin. Mikä on osasyy siihen, että päätin, etten lähde Helsinkiin tupareihin nyt viikonloppuna - eihän tästä tulisi muuten loppua!

Tuikkis, kiitos! Toivon ehtiväni oleskella blogimaailmassa vähän enemmän nyt Pääsiäisen jälkeen.

Heidi: Tarinat ovat yleensä ihan uskomattomia, tai siis en ymmärrä, mistä ne oikein kumpuavat. Ja juu, minullekin tuli kyllä kummallisia mielleyhtymiä tarinaa kuunnellessani...

sue said...