Saturday, April 18

fragments from the weekend

Now when sun gets up early again, it shines right in my bed in the morning, and warms my little room. So I was quite surprised when I pulled up the blinds on Saturday and saw a thin blanket of snow on rooftops and on the ground! I has been a mostly sunny but chilly weekend; I'd loathe to start
wearing my winter coat again, so I'm wearing layers to keep warm and hoping for the weather to change.

My weekend passed by mostly working on a text I can't seem to get right. It seems if I don't leave translations to the last minute (which is not advisable), I end up tweaking them again and again, never being quite satisfied with them.

But I've managed to squeeze in some reading, cooking, baking and jogging too.

And it's all better when done with a super comfy dress on. I've dubbed this my spring dress, and I'd like to be able to wear the dress without any extra layers, so spring, come on; how about some warm winds here?


tuikkis said...

Samaa Nansoa on mulla paita ja se on hauskaa kuinka ihmiset tulee katsomaan "mitä noi oikein on". Nähdäänkö perjantain pipertelyissä?

Niina said...

Täällä taas tosi kauniita kuvia ja ihastuttavia pikku juttuja :)

scaredy-cat said...

Tuikkis, juu, olen oikein tyytyväinen, kun löysin tuon mekon 19 eurolla - olen haikaillut kuosin perään, mutta Nanson vaatteet eivät yleensä istu budjettiini.

Niina, kiitos! :)

Henriikka said...

Minäkin löysin yhden Nanson mekon 19 eurolla ja riemuitsin opiskelijabudjettiin sopivasta hinnasta! (se oli kokomusta mekko, mutta lupasin itselleni ensi kerralla ostaa jotain värikkäämpää - nuo printit ovat niin kovin kauniita ^_^)

Anonymous said...

I'm the same: once my wool coat is put aside, I don't want to wear it, even though it's definitely cold enough here in Wisconsin right now.

This is such a nice combination of homey things. Your English is so perfect--are you Finnish? I hope you don't mind my asking. For some reason, I am amazed at how multilingual many Europeans are, since we struggle with that a bit over here.

scaredy-cat said...

Henriikka, minun PITI ostaa musta mekko, mutta se, jota aiemmin olin vilkaissut ohikulkiessani, oli joko kuvitelmaa tai muuten poistunut rekistä. Toisaalta minulle teki hyvää välillä ostaa jotain muunväristä... :)

Anonymous, I'm flattered! :) I'm indeed Finnish, studying English Translation as a major. Sadly, my English is far from perfect, as you will see if you continue reading my blog! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, flattered you should definitely be! I thought you might come back and say you were a student from England or even the US! You have the idiom "down cold!" (My college degree is in English, which seems somewhat embarassing, since it is my native language. Of course, it means English literature mainly, although I managed to graduate with a rather scanty knowledge of that, as well.)