Wednesday, September 24


I'm blogging again. I'm not quite sure what's happened in the past twenty days, but classes have begun, I've gotten a new job, and I've been more or less ill for most of the month. And apparently time moves faster than it usually does...

Last week I really was quite ill: Sunday was the first day I was well enough to enjoy a walk. The day couldn't have been better; it was quite a warm day, and there were blue skies, sun, and lots of maples dressed up in all their autumn glory. And you know how good just being able to walk around feels when you've been under the weather for a long time?

After living in Tampere for one year (well, minus the three months in summer), I finally managed to see some must-see places. First I visited a lovely café called Amurin Helmi* - and ate some yummy apple tart - and then my guest and I walked to Pyynikki observation tower. The tower is not that tall, but it's situated on a hill, and with the sky clear, the view was great. I haven't got that many photos though, since I was with someone who seemed to think it's more fun to hold hands than snap photos - I know, some people are strange.

There's also a café there in the observation tower, famous for it's delicious munkkis (Finnish doughnuts), and obviously I have to go back, since I didn't have one. Maybe on a weekday though, as it seems plenty of people come on Sundays, just for the doughnuts. The queue was long!

*Thanks for the hint Heidi!

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heidi said...

Eipä kestä! Suosittelen kyllä palaamaan takaisin tornille, mutta mikäli minä jotain munkeista ymmärrän, nämä ovat mielestäni yliarvostettuja. Mutta pitäähän jokaisen todeta itse!