Sunday, February 15

super-social weekend

was spent in Helsinki. I had time to see mrs K and baby P (it's always funny how quick babies grow, even if you know they do); spend some time alone with Mum (who was visiting and taking nephew with her for a week); celebrate nephew A's birthday (which was yesterday - he's three! although when asked, he says he's nine... ??); and take a long walk in the sun with the Boy, and to top it all eat a big delicious semla. I love weekends like this, even though they always leave me drained. I guess I'm just too used to being alone, so being super-social tires me. I'm also a bit behind on all the stuff I have to do for my classes... I better carry on with that!

Helsinki is surprisingly wintry right now, almost like in the window display in the photo! This gingerbread building was on display in the window of a prestigious confectionery this Christmas - the building is modeled by the actual building the confectionery is located in. I love the trams!


tuikkis said...

Onko se vieläkin paikallaan? Kävin joulun aikoihin kurkkimassa taloa ja hienohan se on!

Michelle said...

Oh how pretty! Sounds like you are having fun!