Thursday, August 14

lazy rainy days

I've been really really lazy these past few days. The weather has been unreliable, there has been several showers per day, and I've been staying indoors. Watching dvd's (seasons 1 & 2 of Northern Exposure, and many films, best of which was Juno [and Dead Poets' Society, but the latter doesn't count, because I've seen it n times]), eating too much Ben & Jerry's, getting into bed late and sleeping late too. I've felt a bit guilty about it all, since there are so many things I want to / should do while I have time off from work and school. Maybe all the slouching in front of my laptop was exactly what I needed, though; a week ago I felt I'm as tired as I was back when the school ended in May (not a good way to feel with the next term looming ahead), now I'm a tiny bit more hopeful. At least I seem to have shaken my fatigue - today I actually spent most of the day outdoors, as it was warm and sunny and not terribly windy for a change.

Meanwhile, my neighbourhood has been showing it's best sides now that I've had some time to just walk around. The day before yesterday, I bumped into three people I know, first a girl I used to work with (hei H!), and some 500 metres later, two lovely ladies I know through a friend. (Funnily enough, I seem to unexpectedly meet more people I know now I don't live in Helsinki full time!) Yesterday miss H and I went exploring a new-to-us-bar, declared it cosy with a quite good choice of beer, and decided to visit it again soon. And this weekend Flow festival will be held again practically next door to me; I got the tickets for Friday and Sunday - let's hope for good weather!

Now I'm off to catch some sleep; tomorrow there's a 50% off all items day at a certain charity shop and I have to be there early, since I have my eye on something.... Wish me luck!

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