Tuesday, August 12

anniversary gift

I want to share with you something wonderful I got for my friends just last week. You see, lovebirds P & M got married last summer, and they didn't really expect any gifts: instead, they wished the guests who felt like it would provide some entertainment for the reception - and let me tell you, with all the music (there were a lot of musicians present), one guest teaching us folk dances, etc. they had a really lovely wedding. I always meant to give them something, but didn't find anything that felt just right at the time, so this year I decided to give them an anniversary present - and the minute I saw this Ashley Goldberg print, I knew this was the right thing. Even the name (A Look Only You Woud Understand) of the print is fitting for an anniversary gift!

picture from Ashley Goldberg's etsy shop

I have been reading Ashley's blog for a while, and I really, really like her work, especially her use of colour. The print looks even better in reality than it does in the pic, and I hope P & M like it as much as I do - I think I might have to purchase a print by Ashley for myself, too (although I did get a postcard print as a surprise with this one!).

Go see Ashley Goldberg's home page, blog and etsy shop for more of her work if you haven't done it yet!


P said...

Oh yes we do! :) Thank you!

Michelle said...

How sweet, I bet that was a very cool wedding.

maijja said...

Voi miten kiva idea antaa vuosipäivälahja! Kaunis tosiaan on lahjakin, tosi ihana. Minen oo päässyt koko kesänä häihin... Harvinaista, tässä iässä kun yleensä niitä alkaa piisaamaan.

Mary said...

That wedding sounds completely wonderful!

I went, I saw, I bought 2 prints. Thanks so much for intorducing me to this artist.