Monday, December 7


I've been looking for a candelabrum for a few years - or more like hoping I would happen upon one which would suit both my taste and my wallet. I thought I'd like to have a traditional one, but most candelabras in stores/flea markets are either too fussy or too expensive (or both).

Now, if I had my way and not a million better ways to spend 70 euros, I'd buy the Gloria candelabrum designed for Muuto by Norway Says. I think it would look great with colourful candles, although I haven't decided if I'd like to have a black or a white Gloria.

I won't get my Gloria anytime soon, but luckily last month I found this 50s candelabrum at Pikkuvarpunen's flea market site. Long story short, I met Suki briefly in Helsinki, and now it's mine! It was a little tricky to find small enough candles, as I didn't want white, but now I guess a candlelight supper is in order.


paperisydän said...

Kauniita ovat molemmat kynttilänjalat, etenkin tuo vanhempi :) Pitäisikin taas mennä kynttiläostoksille, on niitä niin mukavaa poltella...

scaredy-cat said...

Kävin Taito Shopissa, ja sieltä olisi voinut ostaa vaikka kassillisen kynttilöitä - pidän kovasti Desicon kynttilöistä, niissä on jotenkin niin hyvät värit.