Sunday, November 22


On Saturday I saw a glimpse of blue sky; it was the first day the sky cleared after what seems like weeks and weeks of grey skies, fog, and rain (even though there has been a sunny day every now and then). At this time of year sunlight feels like a miracle; we get less than seven hours of daylight - most of which the sun hides behind thick clouds - and those seven hours I mostly spend indoors in fluorescent light, which I hate more and more every passing day. It's magic what a little sunlight, albeit weak and fleeting, can do!

(This morning the sun was shining into my bed, and maybe that's why I dreamed I had decided to spend two months in Zimbabwe in order to learn more English.)

Enough time to make coffee with my moka pot and heat some milk.

Enough time to eat breakfast in bed and watch dvds.

There was almost enough light in my flat to take photos (but not enough the photos would be sharp).

I haven't been around much lately. I've been meaning to (actually there were two posts I started but never finished), but autumn has been... ...not hard, at least not all of it; nor have I been particularly stressed up, even though I have had a lot on my plate.

I just haven't had any words.

Maybe I've run out of words - temporarily I hope - because of all the writing I have to do daily, the endless list of assignment and deadlines. I don't have enough words for the blog or letters or anything really that has nothing to do with my studies.

Another thing is I don't have internet connection at home, and I seem to spend enough hours at the university without adding blogging to it.

But slowly, slowly, I hope get my words back...


ElsaIlona said...

Joo, toivotaan sanasi takaisin. :)

Viikonloppuna oli ihana valo - minäkin sain viikon piilossa olleen valokuvausintoni takaisin.

heidi said...

Niin käy joskus, että sanat karkaavat. Ei kannata siitä niin huolestua, ne tulevat sitten, kun on niiden aika, uskoisin.

Kovin näyttää kodikkaalta!

scaredy-cat said...

Kiitos kommenteista, hauskaa, että täällä vieraileekin joku kaiken hiljaisuuden jälkeen! :)