Friday, March 6

weekend, yay!

Two things make me very very happy: midterm break and a visit from miss A (who'll be here in thirty minutes), who will make sure I'll spend my weekend relaxing, not studying (like last weekend - despite of the lovely long walk last Sunday, I spent most of the weekend at my laptop). I have a lot to do on my break (like writing a paper... ugh) but I have the weekend off, which is great, as there has been many exams and deadlines crammed into the past few weeks. Which is why I've been silent.

Today I've been mostly sewing; miss A had her birthday in February, but I decided to give her present a bit late, so I wouldn't have to send it by mail. I'm fairly happy with the present, I hope she likes it too!


Gingerley said...

I wish I'd seen the present: judging by the picture it's really cute:) I bet your friend liked it.

scaredy-cat said...

Well, here are the photos! :)