Monday, March 30


When you wake up in the morning and see sleet falling horizontally rather than vertically...

...and the weather only changes for worse during the day...

(and it's Saturday so you don't really need to be anywhere)'s a good day to

have a breakfast with friend's, this time at miss H's place

(she has the coolest toaster ever [customized by her boyfriend O]

wander between the shelves in the silent university library

I was almost alone in the basement

cook some delicious risotto with courgettes and ricotta for dinnwe, and eat it in candlelight with good company.

And this is exactly what I did.


Helen said...

How lovely! It's turning into spring over here ... which I like ... but no one will like me if I say how I truly feel, which is this: I miss winter a little bit :) I hope my secret's safe with you.

Nuttula said...

Hauska kuvakertomus! Kiva tuo valkoinen pieni paahdin. Onko se turkoosi vieressä leipälaatikko? Oleellinen kysymys... :)

scaredy-cat said...

Helen, I hadn't even missed spring (because it felt so great and miraculous to have a real winter this year), and suddenly -BANG- it's here! I think it's time to admit it now it's April... :)

Nuttula, kyllä se on leipälaatikko; aika hieno sellainen. Minusta se oli erittäinkin oleellinen kysymys! :)

sue said...