Wednesday, January 14

colour week: yellow

Yellow is a colour I'm much more familiar with than with purple. In my previous home I had a wall painted sunflower yellow (and I miss that wall - my dining table was against that wall, and it was nice to eat breakfast next to all that sunny colour on dreary winter mornings...), and a yellow armchair (which I don't have room for in this apartment), and even a yellowish rug. I don't know how that much yellow came to my home, as I've never considered yellow to be my favourite colour, but I realized that even now, there seems to be quite a lot of that colour in my kitchen!

Plus - and I may have to add a photo of that later - in my current apartment, I have a buttercup yellow bathroom wall. I can't believe I didn't think of that when taking the photos!


Ketturouva said...

Katselimme kuvia A:n kanssa, joka keksi, että kuvissa on tätikummin koti. Vahvistin että näin on, ja ehdotin että lähdetään joskus siellä käymään. Mihin A: Onko tätikummi siivonnut oman sotkusen lattiansa? :)

Switz-Art said...

love your blog!
isn't colour week fun?!

kristin said...

what wonderful photos. i love seeing the kitchen shots, seeing the food packaging that is so different from my own is so fun


Thanks, Switz-Art and Kristin!
I think I should do colour weeks more often, this makes me notice little things I normally don't (like the yellow packaging).
About food packaging, on my recent trip to Tallinn I kind of wanted to buy all kinds of groceries just because they looked so different from the ones home! The Boy wouldn't have understood, though.

Jessica said...

I love the syrup carton - packaging in the US is always so bland.

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