Thursday, December 13

more frost

From the bus stop - didn't have time for better photos, 'cause there's my bus coming. :)

Today was a lovely, frosty day. I dragged myself out of bed and went to the last meeting of our English to Finnish translation course, and walked back home just after the sunset. Took a lot of photos, but alas, many of them are crap because there was not enough light for my poor Canon. (I'm dreaming of a new, better camera, but only dreaming a the moment...)

I've been waiting for this week to be over since it began, 'cause it means the end of the semester. Sure I still have tons to do (especially now I couldn't take all of the exams this week), but I plan to do nothing study-related next week. I'll do Christmassy things instead, like bake a ton of cookies to give away. Sorry to spoil the surprise for you, friends who are possibly reading this! :)

Let's see if we get a white Christmas this year. When I was a kid I didn't ever think of the possibility of there not being snow by Christmas, and that's why it's still a part of a proper Christmas for me. Though in the past few years there hasn't been much of it even in Eastern Finland where my parents live. Well, maybe I wouldn't mind green Christmas so terribly if there would be few sunny hours and frost, like today. That I can live with. Grey clouds and rain, not so much.


Liivia said...

Tuo eka kuva on mielettömän hieno!

shash said...

it looks SO cold! and pretty.
i guess the lack of snow is due to global warming. strange and sad.


Kiitos Liivia! Joskus kiiressä otetut kuvat onnistuvat yllättävän hyvin.

Shash, it wasn't even that cold, maybe -5 degrees celsius. But yes, it was very pretty. I hope Christmas will be as pretty, since there won't be snow (only Lapland will get a white Christmas this year, they say). I do know that there's always been colder and less cold winters, but still, this is so unusual it makes me worry about the environment even more (if possible).

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