Tuesday, December 18

cookie tuesday

I spent the weekend mostly sleeping. I felt slightly bad about it, as I have lots to do, but then I reminded myself I'm officially on a break. Funny how hard it is sometimes to just relax, even after waiting the break for so long! Anyway, now I'm finally in Helsinki, for a couple of days, and hope to see as many friends as I can.

Right now I'm baking cookies to give as presents for friends. I think I got the idea from Amy of angry chicken* (though I'm not as ambitious as she is and do not attempt to bake more than one kind of cookies, and do not have that many people to bake cookies for) last year. I like to give small gifts to friends, and cookies are perfect: suitable for student budget and you can't really go wrong with edible gifts, I think.
Last year I made cookies with dates, this year it's chocolate & chilli cookies. They're super delicious, which has probably something to do with the amount of chocolate that goes into the dough. :) I think I should've added more chilli powder though... (Well, I had to have a taste so I know if they're good, didn't I?)

Just took the last batch from the oven. Now I've got dozens of cookies to pack, so I gotta run!

*By the way, did you see those funny gift tags she made?
And I love Camilla's tags - I'm dying to use them, but I haven't got a chance to use a printer here.


pilvikki said...

Ahaa! No nyt mun täytyykin mennä heti avaamaan se paketti! :) Vaikka muuten oonkin kiltisti sitä mieltä, että joululahjat pitää säästää jouluun...

Joanna Goddard said...

you should sleep! you deserve a break:) i love your blog and that cute photo with the milkshake. SO sweet.

Lawerence B. Vestal said...

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