Friday, July 31

end of july

As much fun as I had travelling around all June, I was pretty tired afterwards. Maybe that's why July has been a lazy month for me; I haven't even blogged... and there are many other things I could have done, or should have done, but didn't. But I am not going to blog about things I didn't do and feel even more guilty, I will tell you about the nice things I did do.

In July I

*got a tan without trying (which never happens)
*spent two lovely sunny days with nephew
*read good books
*enjoyed long days on the beach; the water in the sea is really warm
*traipsed around the city
*ate great brunch twice with miss H; here and here (I especially recommend Fanny Goes to Hollywood's brunches)
*made good fleamarket finds
*met some lovely ladies at a knitting/crocheting/gossiping etc. club - hope I'll have the chance to join them again
*wore a dress almost every single day

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