Wednesday, May 27

and then I disappeared again

This time the reason was an especially nasty cold. Just a plain cold, nothing serious, but it had me in bed for a week, and only now, two weeks later, I'm beginning to feel like myself again.

It's no fun being ill especially when the summer is taking big leaps outside and you have lots of things to do. Well, half of those things were left undone - I was going to sew a new dress for the Saturday wedding, and wash the windows of my flat before leaving Tampere. But I still managed to enjoy the early summer a bit, and of course summer isn't going anywhere. Here in Tampere the wood-sorrel is in bloom everywhere. It's very pretty, light green and frail, white flowers.

In Finnish it's called "fox's bread" or "cuckoo's cabbage".

Next, very very soon, there will be lilies of the valley everywhere. But I won't see them, I will be in London.