Wednesday, December 17

dreaming of snow

I've been meaning to post - actually, I have begun a total number of six box before this one - but I guess I just haven't had anything to say.
I'm dull and numb in all this darkness, wishing for snow to make it lighter, and waiting for vacation, as these last days of lectures and work have been a struggle.
Hopefully back here sooner than later...

And thanks for all the comments lately! It's been really nice to read them, as always.

(The photo is taken in November, when we had a blizzard. Right now, there's no snow whatsoever in Tampere.)


mansuetude said...

happy New Year to you!
the light will return, i had a great sunny cool day today! The sun just slipped over the horizon for the end of day one.

My old Christmas Cactus is starting to make tiny wee buds.

Michelle said...

Oh man, if I lived there, I would totally just fall asleep and never get up, I hope you get your snow!

dawnc said...

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