Wednesday, May 7

more green

I think May might be my favourite time of the year. I love late spring - when it starts to be more about green and new and fresh and less about rain and pools and mud. (Early autumn - say, September, and early October - is another favourite, when the leaves are turning red and gold, and the crisp mornings may still lead the way for a warm sunny day.) I love how all the green arrives little by little, at first, and then bam! just erupts in one night - or that's how it seems. A green explosion. New leaves, bigger every day, are bursting from trees, and those new wrinkly baby leaves are so pretty.
By midsummer the wonder of spring has ceased, there's almost too much green around, and in all it's voluptuousness it's ordinary - no magic anymore.

Yesterday J and I enjoyed some caffeine (him: coca cola, me: coffee) at my favourite outdoor café for the first time this year. Many more times to come, I think!

Someone had hung flowers on a scaffold.

Today is my mum's 60th birthday. Sis, her family and are catching a train on Friday, so we'll be at the parents' for the weekend to celebrate. Happy birthday, Mum!


Becky, yep said...

oh, sitting and sipping outside...Heavenly! Looks beautiful!

Mary said...

tell your mum happy birthday from me!

mansuetude said...

your writing is lovely.
those leaf sprouts look like wind thrown hair to me, and hope your mom enjoys her next 60!